About the Event

About the Event


12 OCT 2013/0800

Sponsoring Organization:



Mike Raahauge Shooting Enterprises


To help our own. Raise money and awareness to benefit THE GREEN BERET FOUNDATION. The Green Beret Foundation provides financial resources for various health and welfare programs that assist the wounded, ill or injured Special Forces warrior where other organizations cannot or will not assist. They also provide family assistance and care for those families affected by their loved one’s death, illness, or injury due to their service.
Lonny Holes Shooting


Chapter 78 hosts the Annual Shooters Cup. This is a multiple stage, extremely challenging pistol shoot. Events will test the team’s accuracy, speed, physical stamina and target selection. Teams consist of 5 shooters per team, with the number of teams increasing every year. Invitations are automatically extended to the top teams of the previous year and other local law enforcement or military agencies. Other teams are allowed to register for the remaining slots. Chapter 78 will recover the operating cost of the event and then donate 90 percent of the remaining earnings to the Green Beret Foundation.

Entry Fee:

The entry fee can be found on the location and registration page.


The Cup will be awarded to the winning team by Medal of Honor awardee COL. Roger Donlon United States Army Special Forces (RET). Col. Donlon was the first soldier to be awarded the MOH of the Vietnam War and the first Special Forces soldier ever to receive the medal. The cup will remain with winning team for a period of one year. At the end of that year the team will be invited back with the cup to defend the title or lose and give it up to another team. We will also recognize the best individual shooter with a Top Shooter Award. This event is being hosted by Special Forces tabbed guys so there is nothing for second place and below except “Thanks for playing and see you next year.”
Visit our Prizes page to learn more about this year’s prizes.


We are actively seeking support in the form of monetary or a product donation from our local community and the industry that helps protect our warriors in harm’s way. You prayed for them, provided them with helmets, gloves, and body armor while they fought. Now these warriors and their family’s need your support. Their battles may be over but they are still fighting for their lives. Please visit our Donation Page to learn how you can help.

For more information on registration please visit the Location & Registration page. Teams must pre-register.