2011 Shooters Cup

2011 Shooters Cup

  • 5 LAPD SWAT Teams
  • 1 San Diego FBI Team
  • 1 San Diego “Swat-Star Team”
  • 1 LA County District Attorneys Team
  • 1 Special Forces Chapter 23 Team
  • 1 Alpha Company, 19th Special Forces Group Team
  • 1 San Diego PD – SWAT Team
  • 1 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Team
  • 1 Long Beach Police Department – SWAT Team
  • 1 California State University Fullerton ROTC Team
  • 1 U.S. Coast Guard IMTT Team


Team Total Place
LA Lawmen Blue 2100.67 1
Long Beach PD 2221.73 2
SDPD 2267.78 3
LA County Sheriff’s Department 2270.29 4
LADA Office 2300.34 5
LA Lawmen Red 2313.73 6
SFA Chapter 23 2410.31 8
Star SWAT (SD) 2441.75 9
SD FBI 2471.24 10
IMTT 2538.03 11
LAPD METRO D PLT 2554.02 12
LAPD METRO C PLT 2659.86 13
MSST 2951.25 14
Cal State Fullerton ROTC 2962.72 15
A/5-19 SFG(A) 3189.93 16

Individual Shooter Scores

Name Team Score Place
Ed Asawesna Team: LA Lawmen Blue 285.69 1
Aron Algren Team: LAPD METRO B PLT 287.76 2
Chris Yamate Team: LA Lawmen Blue 313 3
Matt Chenevey Team: SD FBI 336.86 4
Jeremy Haining Team: Long Beach PD 346.91 5
McKee Team: SFA Chapter 23 353.47 6
David Babcock Team: LADA Office 354.79 7
Jeff Gross Team: SDPD 354.82 8
Mark Gastieger Team: SDPD 355.66 9
Pat Pougherty Team: Long Beach PD 358.01 10
Manny Rumion Team: LAPD METRO C PLT 362.9 11
Mark Griffin Team: LA Lawmen Red 366.29 12
Scott Paik Team: LADA Office 369.32 13
Bryan Riley Team: LA County Sherrifs Department 369.66 14
Mark Dain Team: LA Lawmen Red 371.04 15
Greg Davis Team: LADA Office 371.09 16
Moreno Team: LAPD METRO C PLT 378.19 17
Andy Ruzz Team: Star SWAT (SD) 384.82 18
John Gutierrez Team: LA Lawmen Red 386.05 19
Chris Wager Team: SFA Chapter 23 388.55 20
Chris Morris Team: SFA Chapter 23 388.79 21
Craig Evans Team: SDPD 389.71 22
Villalobos Team: IMTT 389.82 23
Charles Joh Team: LAPD METRO D PLT 390.19 24
Robert Owens Team: Long Beach PD 390.74 25
Mike Alberts Team: Star SWAT (SD) 391.58 26
Tweedy Team: LA County Sherrifs Department 397.27 27
George Zagurski Team: LA County Sherrifs Department 398.9 28
Richard Butera Team: Star SWAT (SD) 398.98 29
Jim Shray Team: LA Lawmen Blue 401.86 30
Robert Becerra Team: LA Lawmen Blue 403.8 31
Hernandez Team: IMTT 403.95 32
Scott Holder Team: Long Beach PD 404.82 33
Ryan Hefner Team: SD FBI 412 34
Lee Leatherman Team: LA County Sherrifs Department 412.59 35
Curtis Snider Team: SFA Chapter 23 415.67 36
David Downey Team: Cal State Fullerton ROTC 417.36 37
Jeff Scott Team: LADA Office 418.99 38
Shaver Team: MSST 419.41 39
Boyan Brkic Team: LAPD METRO B PLT 420.28 40
Russ Freeman Team: LA Lawmen Blue 424.32 41
Jeremy Escamilla Team: LAPD METRO B PLT 427.29 42
Martin Higuera Team: LAPD METRO B PLT 428.81 43
Mike Bland Team: SDPD 429.4 44
Machucar Team: IMTT 429.61 45
Billy Gardner Team: SD FBI 433.65 46
Howard Ng Team: LAPD METRO D PLT 435.56 47
David Maro Team: LADA Office 437.15 48
Jon Darrah Team: LAPD METRO D PLT 441.04 49
Joe Dominguez Team: LAPD METRO B PLT 441.16 50
Wayne Doeden Team: SDPD 441.19 51
Joey Stoker Team: LA County Sherrifs Department 441.87 52
Guiso Team: A/5-19 SFG(A) 447.49 53
Fram Team: Cal State Fullerton ROTC 448.72 54
Dwayne Haydel Team: LA Lawmen Red 451.36 55
Hart Team: MSST 454.15 56
Scotty Odom Team: Star SWAT (SD) 459.86 57
Chris Melzer Team: SD FBI 461.51 58
Santero Team: LAPD METRO C PLT 469.64 59
Gary Kobe Team: LAPD METRO D PLT 470.01 60
Andy Davis Team: SD FBI 474.22 61
Rob Golding Team: Cal State Fullerton ROTC 476.52 62
Kent Lau Team: LA Lawmen Red 477.99 63
Edwin Lacangan Team: Star SWAT (SD) 482.51 64
Clarke Team: SFA Chapter 23 487.83 65
McLain Team: A/5-19 SFG(A) 501.81 66
Shelton Team: MSST 502.74 67
Prewitt Team: IMTT 509.75 68
Reyes Team: IMTT 512.9 69
Thornburgh Team: A/5-19 SFG(A) 517.08 70
John Hotchkiss Team: Long Beach PD 518.25 71
McLaughlin Team: MSST 519.83 72
Boodahion Team: A/5-19 SFG(A) 521.22 73
John Pride Team: LAPD METRO D PLT 521.22 74
Flores Team: LAPD METRO C PLT 527.73 75
Don Kidwell Team: Cal State Fullerton ROTC 533.67 76
Miller Team: LAPD METRO C PLT 550.4 77
Santa Ines Team: Cal State Fullerton ROTC 567.45 78
Robbie Team: A/5-19 SFG(A) 591.33 79
Schott Team: MSST 664.12 80

Individual Team Scores (PDF)

Cal State Fullerton ROTC
LA County Sheriffs Dept
LA Lawmen Blue
LA Lawmen Red
LADA Office
Long Beach PD
SFA Chapter 23

The 2011 Shooters Cup

The 2011 Shooters Cup

  • Each competitor will receive a “Shooter’s Cup” Challenge Coin and Competitor “T” Shirt.
  • Each competitor will receive a Special Green Beret Certificate of Competition from Special Forces Association Chapter 78.
  • 1 – KIMBER Custom II 1911 .45 CAL to the TOP SHOOTER*.
    Kimber Custom II 1911
  • SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XD 9 to each member of the TOP TEAM.
    Springfield Armory XD 9
  • 1 – Fusil Automatique Léger (“Light Automatic Rifle”) or FAL Rifle – AIM Sports and Entreprise Arms
  • 5 – ‘Shooter’s’ will receive a PFI Rapid Reticle Action-4 Rifle scope donated by John Pride of Pride Fowler Industries**.
    PFI Rapid Reticle Action-4 Rifle Scope
  • 1 – ‘Shooter’ will receive a Rapid Reticle RR800-2 10X42 Rifle Scope donated by John Pride of Pride Fowler Industries**.
    Rapid Reticle RR800-2 10X42 Rifle Scope
  • 10 – $100.00 gift certificates donated by Safariland**.
  • 5 – SMB309065 30-90X65 SPOTTING SCOPE/BLACK – AIM Sports
  • 2 – X300® LED Handgun / Long Gun Weapon Light – Surefire
  • 2 – G2X™ Tactical Single-Output LED – Surefire
  • Other prizes will be announced on event day.

*The top shooter will receive the Kimber Custom II pistol, however if he is on the Top Winning Team, he will not receive a Springfield Armory XD 9. The XD 9 will then go to the highest shooter not on the Winning Team.
**Item winners to be determined day of event.

Raahauges is a COLD RANGE. All weapons must be unloaded to include law enforcement officers.
The primary control area for weapons unloading and inspection is at berm 1, area “C.” Please make finding this area and unloading your first priority upon arrival.

  • Firearms:
    • Duty Pistols (Military or Law Enforcement)
    • Factory production pistols
    • Semi-Automatic or Revolver
    • Caliber:
      • Semi-automatic: 9mm, .40 cal, .45 Cal ACP
      • Revolver: .38 cal special, .357cal magnum (using .38 special ammunition), or .45 ACP.
    • Each competitor will use the same pistol to complete all stages of the match.
  • Sights: factory iron sights (night sights are permitted). No optics or lasers are allowed.
  • Holster, belts, ammo pouches may be military, law enforcement or civilian which securely holds the weapon during normal activities including running or jumping and completely covers the trigger guard.
  • Magazines for semi-automatics-military or law enforcement issue or factory issue. No extended high capacity magazines that exceed factory capacity or protrude beyond the butt of the holstered weapon. No artificially weighted magazines.
  • Trigger pull must be a minimum of 3 ½ pounds.
  • No “ported” or “compensated” barrels.
  • No artificially weighted weapons.

    It is our intent to allow any practical real world pistol and supporting gear, configured in the way a professional actually carries it when working, without allowing “Gamers” to garner an advantage through the use of “race guns” and impractical, heavy, or insufficiently secure and protective gear. We would appreciate a reasonable compliance with this intent which will prevent the necessity of composing volumes of rules or the adoption of extensive existing rules from other established disciplines. If it doesn’t make sense for the field, please don’t use it here.

  • Classification of “Shooters.”
    • Law Enforcement, Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard Military, and Military Fraternal Organizations and ROTC Cadets currently enrolled in a university program will all be in the same class, called “Competitive Actions Shooters.” All law enforcement officers, military personnel and those representing military fraternal organizations may be asked to present their credentials for inspection and verification.
    • Teams: a team will be comprised of five individual competitors from one organization. One member will be designated the team ‘captain.’ No alternates and no trading members after registration of the team on “match day.” Team members present at registration will comprise the team throughout the entire event.
  • Ammunition: Factory full metal jacket ball ammunition only. Standard velocity. No reloaded ammunition.
  • Rules:
    • Unsafe handling of the weapon will result in immediate disqualification in the match. Not limited to the examples below:
      • Endangering any person.
      • Dropping a loaded weapon.
      • Repeated “finger in the trigger guard” violation following one warning.
      • A premature shot in the holster.
      • Accidental discharge within three (3) feet of the ‘shooter.’
      • Shot over the ‘Berm.’
      • Unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Scoring:
    • This is a “Timed” event and the fastest time of an individual will be the overall winner. The fastest combined time of 5 shooters on a single team will designate the ‘winning team.’
    • Failure to engage a target is a ten (10) seconds penalty.
    • Missing any designated target is a ten (10) seconds penalty.
    • Hits on a non threat, “no shoot” or “out of order” target result in a twenty (20) second penalty, and no credited score for that target.
    • Cardboard and paper targets-for each concentric ring out from the high point x, a two (2) second penalty will be added.
    • Targets must be engaged in tactical priority or as directed by the ‘safety officer.’ Tactical priority failure will result in a twenty (20) second penalty per target so miss-engaged. (Warning;
    • In some cases involving falling targets, this would be combined with the target being unavailable for score in the “correct sequence”, resulting in an additional ten (10) second missed target penalty for a total penalty of thirty (30) seconds.)
    • Missing a clay pigeon target is a ten (10) second penalty.
    • Accidental discharge down range (beyond the three (3) foot disqualification distance) will result in a fifteen (15) second penalty.
  • Tie Scores: The senior range officer will stage a 10 round shoot off between tie scoring individuals or teams.
  • Judging: The senior range officer has the final determination of all occurrences’ and events and scoring on the range.
  • In disagreements with the range safety officer a competitor may file an arbitration complaint by posting $100.00 with the registrar, Terry Cagnolatti, on the day of the event. Arbitration officers are; the Senior Range Officer Joel Adams, Green Beret Cup Chair Steve Cowan, and President of Special Forces Association Chapter 78 Lonny Holmes. If the complaint is found in favor of the competitor the $100.00 will be returned, otherwise the money will go to the “Shooters Cup Fund.”
  • If a shooter is unable to complete an event because of pistol malfunction, loss of pistol operating parts or physicial disability, his time to be scored for the team aggragate will be 1 1/2 times the slowest overall shooter of that specific event. His individual time will be 1 1/2 times the slowest individual shooter for that event, thus placing him in last position for the event. Thus his team will remain in competition for the overall prize, but with an overall reduced score.